AIRPOWER22 on "landing approach" to Zeltweg

Region shows high acceptance of Hinterstoisser Air Base

AIRPOWER22, Europe’s largest airshow, will take off from Zeltweg Air Base in just one month. It includes a performance show on the ground, demonstrations by the Austrian Air Force and international military aerobatic squadrons, and participants from the field of civil aviation, first and foremost the Flying Bulls, as well as a static show of civil exhibitors from the fields of the aviation industry, research and education, and an extensive supporting event at the airfield site, including the Military Aviation Museum. Admission to AIRPOWER22 is free.

“AIRPOWER22’s programme offers unprecedented abundance with countless highlights and premieres. In total, there will be around 35 flying displays spanning eight hours. Around 60 aircraft will be presented in the static display,” explains Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner. “In addition, we want to show what we can do at AIRPOWER. After all, this event has training value for our Armed Forces and is an exercise that shows our air force’s professionalism and that they can provide help and support,” the minister adds.

Preparations are going according to plan. Construction work begins on 16th August. In the week of 22nd August, the Austrian participants start their preparations in Zeltweg; international participants arrive in the week beginning 29th August. Until 22nd August, training flights in Zeltweg will be limited to about one training flight per day and will also be held at other locations throughout Austria. “It is important for us to emphasise that all surveillance squadron training flights at the Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg and all AIRPOWER training flights will take place within the flight hour quota planned for 2022. No additional flight hours will be spent on this in 2022,” says Brigadier Wolfgang Prieler, AIRPOWER22 project manager.

Region stands solidly behind the Zeltweg location
In a representative survey (n = 1,000), as well as its own representative survey in the region (n = 258) in mid-June 2022, the Institute for Public Opinion Research and Data Analysis (IFDD) surveyed the attitudes of the population toward Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg. “The result was unambiguous: When asked to rate Hinterstoisser Air Base’s overall importance for the Murtal region, an impressive 85% of those surveyed across Austria rated it as very important or important. It is important to note that the regional survey showed as high as 91% support. A clear ¾-majority (79% of respondents), both across Austria and in the region, said that AIRPOWER was very important or rather important for the Murtal region, its economy, and tourism. These results are good and impressive evidence of the Zeltweg location’s anchoring in the region and for the clear majority approval of AIRPOWER as a driving force for the region,” explained Christoph Haselmayer, Managing Director of IFDD.

AIRPOWER22 is (as in past events) deliberately designed to be an event for the whole family. In military terms, AIRPOWER22 represents the largest joint deployment of forces of the Austrian Armed Forces in 2022. Above all, cooperation with the emergency services and the administrative district authorities will be significantly strengthened. “For the deployed militia, the medical services, and the logistics of the Austrian Armed Forces, AIRPOWER22 represents a high gain in experience. AIRPOWER22 brings millions of euros in positive added value to the upper Styria region, especially for accommodation businesses, restaurants, and dozens of suppliers, and is therefore welcomed by both the region’s business representatives and tourism,” says Tanner.

Convenient arrival as never before
Convenient, environmentally friendly, and just a few minutes’ walk to the heart of the event site: It has never been easier to arrive by public transport. Sustainable, congestion- and stress-free access is provided by ÖBB special trains almost to the event site’s entrances. EBA Bus Alliance buses from all over Austria, short sprinter and shuttle trains from Kraubath and Knittelfeld, and increased regional transport capacities also take visitors to within a few minutes’ walk of the event site. “From experience, the crowds at the event site will be very large on both days. We strongly recommend arriving by public transport, which guarantees a comfortable and congestion-free journey,” emphasises Prieler. All information on how to get to the site can be found here: