NH Industries NH90

The NHNATO-Helicopter-90 multi-purpose helicopter is an all-weather, night-flight capable transport helicopter. The NHNATO Helicopter-90 TTHTactical Transport Helicopter for Army land-based and amphibious operations can transport heavy loads and technical material as well as up to 16 personnel. That is, they can be dropped off or picked up over land and water.

The NH90 (NATO Helicopter 90) is a medium-weight military transport helicopter in the 10-ton class manufactured by NH Industries. It is to form the backbone of the helicopter fleet in many European NATO member states – and beyond. The NH90 represents the largest military helicopter programme ever launched in the European Union. It has 23 variants, and so far 529 helicopters have been ordered for 14 customer states around the world. The NH90 is the first production helicopter ever to be operated by a fly-by-wire electronic flight control system.

The NH-90 is a multipurpose helicopter that can carry heavy loads, technical equipment, or up to 20 soldiers. Many parts of the aircraft are made of lightweight composite materials. Thanks to its two engines which deliver almost 2,400hp, the machine can carry a payload of over 10 tons.

The NH90 offers a modular concept that can be adapted to planned missions with role-specific equipment. The helicopter is built largely of composite materials, has two engines and a 4-blade rotor system, as well as retractable landing gear. Optionally, the helicopter can be armed with two heavy machine guns.

The Federal Armed Forces deployed the NH-90 in Afghanistan and Mali. There, the aircraft were available for medical evacuation flights, tactical troop and materiel transport, and airborne support operations, among other missions. The NH-90 was developed on behalf of France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany and is in service in the German Army.

NH Industries NH90

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