Incredibly, the first batch of Spotter-Tickets was completely sold out within minutes today. The interest in AIRPOWER24 overwhelms us, a heartfelt thank you to all friends and fans for this sensational feedback and interest. Applications are now being processed. Confirmation-emails for successful registrations will be sent with all further information in a few days, we ask for some patience.

For those who haven’t got a Spotter-Ticket yet, just don’t be disappointed: There will be another batch available on June 21 at 8:00 PM.
A spotter ticket, available for either one event day, both event days, or as a 5-day package (including Fly-In days starting from September 5th and Fly-Out on September 8th), includes the following services:

  • Access to the HINTERSTOISSER air base
  • Personal AIRPOWER24 spotter ID
  • Welcome package at accreditation
  • Parking pass and permission in the designated area directly at the event site
  • Personal spotter tent-hospitality (access only with spotter ID)
  • Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as drinks and coffee
  • Detailed information (live updates) on the flight schedule on event days, as well as arrival and departure dates of aircraft before and after the event
  • Exclusive access to specially reserved photo and film zones (spotter areas) outside the spectator area
  • Escort and transport service to these photo and film zones within the air base using shuttle vehicles
  • Assistance from competent staff
  • Workspace in the spotter tent with power supply

Spotter package prices:

1-day package (Friday, September 6th, or Saturday, September 7th): 95 Euros

2-day package (Friday, September 6th, and Saturday, September 7th): 175 Euros

5-day package (Wednesday, September 4th, to Sunday, September 8th): 295 Euro