Fokker M5L-A1

The Fokker M.5 was an unarmed single-seat monoplane designed and built by Anthony Fokker in 1913. It served the German Army as a light reconnaissance aircraft at the outbreak of World War I and was the basis for the first successful fighter aircraft in German service, the Fokker E.I.

Propulsion was a 60 kW (80 hp) Oberursel U.0 7-cylinder rotary engine (Gnome Lambda license, built by Motorenfabrik Oberursel). As in the Morane original, the stern and elevators were fully movable and had no fixed sections. There were two versions of the M.5: the long-span ‘M.5L’ and the short-span ‘M.5K’. The M.5 was light, strong and maneuverable, capable of aerobatics.

One example of the Fokker M.5L was also used in the A1 version by the KuK Luftfahrttruppen in World War 1.

Thus, this type is the oldest (!) participant of AIRPOWER22, and a real rarity. This machine will be on static display. Incidentally, it is the only M5L purchased by Austria-Hungary from Fokker and entered service with the air forces on December 25, 1915. The Fokker has a wingspan of 10.9 meters.

Fokker M5L-A1

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