Air Police Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+

The Air Police coordinate and conduct crewed and uncrewed aerial operations to maintain public order, peace, and security. These are flights in state police and criminal investigation matters, flights concerning major events or traffic control.

They also perform special security tasks in civil defence; for example, they support the fire departments during aerial firefighting or other natural disasters. The Air Police perform search and rescue flights for the Civil Aviation Authority (ACG). They are often called to rope rescues in difficult alpine terrain or to search for missing persons. At the European level, participation in operations within the framework of bilateral police cooperation and the European border management agency FRONTEX will become increasingly important.
Since 2018 the use of drones in the BMI has gradually expanded. UAS, also referred to as “drones,” are used in police operations, particularly to perform security administration, criminal investigation, and traffic monitoring tasks.
Law enforcement officers are trained to become pilots at the department’s training centre. The training of flight observers and flight rescuers, as well as their entire advanced training, is coordinated and managed by the department. In addition, external personnel are trained (e.g. firefighters – training to become firefighting flight assistants). Furthermore, nationwide training for official drone pilots for day and night operations occurs.
The flight police organise the purchase of new aircraft or their maintenance. Their aircraft’s maintenance and technical support are particularly important for the specialists.
It is also important to participate in the field of aviation law, particularly in enacting and drafting new legal provisions in this sector.
Investigations of border incidents in airspace and attacks on civil aviation security are added as another area of responsibility. In addition to clarifying the facts, the main task is to serve as a rapporteur for international organisations.
This helicopter is NVG-capable. A conversion to a FLIR helicopter is possible.
An Air Police aircraft can be seen in AIRPOWER22’s static display.

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Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+

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