Eurocopter EC 135 T3

On the EC 135 training helicopter, trainee pilots learn to control a helicopter according to visual flight rules within twelve months during basic training for helicopter pilots.

In addition, the servicemen and women also receive the qualification for instrument flight and sensor flight in night low-level flight. The EC 135 has two engines, a digital cockpit, an autopilot and a flight management system (FMSForeign Military Sales). This is a computer system that automates in-flight tasks.

Special training equipment was introduced for training future pilots at the International Helicopter Training Center in Bückeburg, which is also used by other branches of the armed forces.

The Airbus Helicopters H135 is a light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter. It was developed by the DASA Group, which later became Eurocopter Deutschland (now Airbus Helicopters), and produced as the Eurocopter EC135 until 2014. Following the unified naming of the Airbus Group range, the new T3/P3 versions of the former EC135 will be marketed under the H135 marketing designation.

On the AIEPOWER22, the EC 135 can be viewed in the Static Display.

Eurocopter EC 135 T3

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