CEA Design GmbH is an Austrian company based in Kottingbrunn (Austria) which specializes in the development and conversion of aircraft on behalf of customers.

The P01 is a turboprop training aircraft made largely of carbon fiber composites. It is a completely new design and was developed, manufactured and tested entirely by the experts of the relatively new company CEA Design GmbH, based in Kottingbrunn (Austria). In addition to a new type of 750hp turbine with digital control (manufacturer: Ivchenko Progress), the aircraft features state-of-the-art glass cockpit avionics (touch screen) and many other new & innovative design details (such as: an integrated modular design).

During development, safety was always a major consideration. For example, the P01 features 0/0 ejection seats, bird-strike resistant canopy, and a crashworthy cockpit. All critical systems are redundant.

All photos (c) CEA Design GmbH


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