Airbus Helicopters H145M

The H145M is a Light Utility Helicopter Special Operations Forces (LUH SOFLight Utility Helicopter – Special Operation Forces), i.e. a light multi-purpose helicopter for supporting special forces. The machine is tailored to their needs. Each H145M carries four fully equipped Special Forces soldiers, for example from KSK’s Special Forces Command or the Navy’s KSM Special Forces Command, to their deployment location.

In the future, the helicopter will also be able to provide fire support and aerial reconnaissance. In addition, soon wounded can be evacuated by this helicopter.

When procuring the helicopter, the Bundeswehr deliberately used a helicopter that was available on the market, the EC145. This was then adapted to the needs of the soldiers. With its special technologies, the H145M is equipped for special land and sea operations.

The pilots are assisted by a 4-axis autopilot. Thanks to its two powerful gas turbines, the H145M can reach a top speed of 268 kilometers per hour. It can fly by day and also by night.

The special forces can be brought to their destination by helicopter, well camouflaged and particularly quietly. Its hue makes the helicopter difficult to see in low visibility conditions. The shrouded tail rotor, the Fenestron, makes the H145M one of the quietest helicopters in its class. The drop systems allow soldiers to rappel down the sides of the hovering aircraft. Thanks to the small rotor diameter of the H145M, this is also possible in urban environments.

The helicopter can be equipped with various equipment: electronic self-protection systems, ballistic protection or additional equipment for use over sea. In addition, the helicopter has powerful reconnaissance sensors. They enable the crew to fly reconnaissance missions day and night. This makes the H145M LUH SOFLight Utility Helicopter – Special Operation Forces extremely flexible to use. A particularly important feature for the changing demands of special operations.

A total of 15 helicopters of this type were procured for the Bundeswehr.

At AIRPOWER22, the H145M is featured in the static display.

Airbus Helicopters H145M

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