Airbus (Eurocopter) Tiger

The Tiger is a Franco-German combat helicopter built by Airbus Helicopters. It was originally designated as the Panzerabwehrhubschrauber 2 (PAH-2) in Germany, but the Bundeswehr designated it as the Unterstützungshubschrauber Tiger (UHT) after its introduction. In October 2013, the Army Development Agency officially designated the Tiger combat helicopter (KHT). It can be airlifted on the Airbus A400M transport aircraft. The Tiger’s engine is built by the MTU Turbomeca Rolls-Royce GmbH (MTR) consortium in Hallbergmoos near Munich. Final assembly of the helicopter will take place in Donauwörth, Marignane, Albacete and Australia.

The Tiger is a combat helicopter in a classic main-and-tail rotor configuration. The cockpit is built in a tandem arrangement typical of combat helicopters. Unlike all combat helicopters currently in service worldwide, the pilot in the Tiger sits in the front seat and the gunner behind. To improve visibility for the rear-seated gunner, the seats are staggered in height. The rotor blades can be folded in about six to seven minutes, making the Tiger suitable for air and sea transport.

The Tiger can provide all types of airmobile operations across the full spectrum of force missions. This also includes the implementation of special operations and the support of special forces.

The Tiger combat helicopter can be used in airspace for command and control, reconnaissance, combat and support. It also provides direct aerial fire support to soldiers on the ground. The Tiger, the feline predator of the skies, is one of the most advanced combat helicopters in the world.

Depending on the mission and the expected enemy, the helicopter can be equipped with different weapons: Heavy machine guns, guided or unguided missiles.

The Tiger has a total of four weapon stations – two on each side. To them can be attached various combinations of weapons.

At AIRPOWER22, the big cat of the air will be shown for the first time in flying and static displays.

Airbus (Eurocopter) Tiger

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