A109 Display Team - RAZZLE BLADES

It is a long tradition within the Belgian Air Force to field a “Helicopter Display Team” during airshow season. The team members act as ambassadors for the Belgian Air Force at air shows at home and abroad.

During their displays, the crew impressively showcases their skills and the capabilities of the Agusta A109 to the public.

In 2021, the Agusta A109 was given a completely new paint job. The new “look” is more contemporary and modern. Complementing the squadron’s wolf insignia, the A109 now has a disruptive camouflage of three shades of grey. This type of camouflage, known by the American name “razzle dazzle” originated during World War I on (seaplanes) and boats to break the silhouette to make it difficult to estimate their distance and flight path.

With the callsign “Razzle Blades”, the helicopter will be piloted during AIRPOWER22 by Commander Jo Jacobs and Commander Stijn Soenens, both experienced pilots and full professionals with 1,600 and 1,700 hours of experience on the Agusta A109, respectively.

A team of six engineers supports the two pilots.

Agusta- Westland A109