"Vibes in the Sky" world premiere

AIRPOWER22‘s programme offers unprecedented abundance with countless highlights and premieres. In total, there will be around 35 flying displays spanning eight hours. Around 60 aircraft will be presented in the static display. The large flying display by the Austrian Armed Forces has nine Alouette-III helicopters, one Eurofighter, three PC-6s, and one AW 169 helicopter and promises to be a true artistic world premiere. All the flying machines in this display move to a symphony specially composed and arranged by respected composer Tristan Schulze and performed by a selection of around 100 military musicians. “For the first time in this display, helicopters, as well as slow and fast aircraft, will move together in a choreography, playing parts of the “Vibes in the Sky” score with their engine and flight sounds. The display opens with a flight honouring all the Austrian federal states’ flags. This welcomes our guests from all federal states immediately after the opening”, explains Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ploder, AIRPOWER22’s Display Director.

“Vibes in the Sky” was composed by Tristan Schulze. The well-known composer and arranger was born in 1964 in Saxony (Germany). After studying cello in Dresden, he trained the classical opera and concert repertoire in the orchestra. In Benares (India), he studied classical Indian music, followed by conducting and composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Study visits took him to Senegal, Argentina and Mexico. His longstanding contact and collaboration with the composer Hans Zimmer has also resulted in a rich output of film music, both as a solo cellist for Hollywood films such as Captain Phillips, Twelve Years A Slave and Inferno, and also as a composer for numerous ORF television productions. Since 2020 Tristan Schulze has been principal conductor of the Vienna Concert Association.

Complementing this display, all other Austrian Armed Forces’ aircraft types will be in AIRPOWER22’s flying and static displays.

An Alouette-III in front of two Eurofighters during a flyby (Credit: AP22)


“Above the clouds!” is AIRPOWER22’s motto for the Austrian Armed Forces, who are organising, in partnership with the Province of Styria and Red Bull, Europe’s largest air show at Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg on Friday, 3rd and Saturday, 4th September 2022. It includes a performance show on the ground, as well as demonstrations by the Austrian Air Force and international military aerobatic squadrons and participants from the field of civil aviation, first and foremost the Flying Bulls, as well as a static show of civil exhibitors from the fields of the aviation industry, research and education, and an extensive supporting event at the airfield site, including the Military Aviation Museum. Admission to AIRPOWER22 is free.

Airchief Brigadier Gerfried Promberger and AIRPOWER22 project manager Wolfgang Prieler in front of the nine Alouette-III's flight honouring flags at the AIRPOWER22 "Vibes in the Sky" display rehearsal. (Credit: AP22)

AIRPOWER22: Convenient arrival as never before

Convenient, environmentally friendly, and just a few minutes’ walk to the heart of the event site: It has never been easier to arrive by public transport. Sustainable, congestion- and stress-free access is provided by ÖBB special trains almost to the entrances of the event site. EBA Bus Alliance buses from all over Austria, short sprinter and shuttle trains from Kraubath and Knittelfeld, and increased local transport capacities also take visitors to within a few minutes’ walk of the event site. “From experience, the crowds at the event site will be very large on both days. We strongly recommend arriving by public transport to guarantee a comfortable and congestion-free journey,” emphasises AIRPOWER22 project manager Brigadier Wolfgang Prieler. Find out more about travel options here: https://www.airpower.gv.at/anreise/?lang=en