Skytexter - Skytexting and formation Aerobatics

SKYTEXTER – is a team of highly experienced aerobatic pilots establishing a very special and new way for messages in the sky over Germany and Europe: skytexting.

With 5 airplanes, they fly in a row at an altitude of about 3,000 meters and write letters, words and messages in the sky.
Since the texts and signs are written at a great height and with a letter size of about 200×200 meters, they are several kilometers long and can be seen even from a great distance and by hundreds of thousands of people. Even by millions if placed over the right events or locations.

The team was formed exclusively from long-time aerobatic pilots. In total, they have more than 8 decades of aerobatic experience at airshows and competitions.

The team has been organizing and flying airshows abroad for more than 5 years and is now establishing skytexting, as well as aerobatic formation flying in Germany and Europe.

Skytexting and the environment – for their messages they use environmentally friendly kerosene oil that evaporates at a higher temperature. No residue remains in the air – only the messages.

For the first time also on the AIRPOWER22 to see – let’s be surprised what message the pilots will conjure up in the sky.