Red Bull Aerobatic Triple: The Orchestra of Aviation

Before their take-off at AIRPOWER22, we interviewed aerobatic pilots Dario Costa, Mirko Flaim, and the Red Bull Skydive Team and talked about their planned world premiere.

Like Swiss clockwork, Dario Costa (aircraft), Mirko Flaim (helicopter), and Marco Waltenspiel (wingsuit) have to work for their world premiere with the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple at AIRPOWER22 to succeed. The Flying Bulls and the Red Bull Skydive Team combine three aerobatic elements in this spectacular display – an absolute first, never seen before at any airshow worldwide.

Dario, Mirko, and Marco, how excited are you to finally show the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple at AIRPOWER22?

Marco Waltenspiel: The anticipation is huge. We are in the middle of training for the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple, and our gut feeling is terrific. Every jump we do with brilliant pilots like Dario and Mirko is fun and brings us one step closer to our dream of showing a world premiere at AIRPOWER22 with the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple.

Mirko, you are one of the masterminds behind the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple, together with Dario Costa. When was the idea for this spectacular display first raised?

Mirko Flaim: We’ve had this project in mind for a few years. But good things take time, and together with Dario, we refined the concept for the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple over the past years. We then really dived into the project, practised manoeuvres and explored if our idea was feasible. We added the Red Bull Skydive Team to the BO105 and the Edge 540 – but we knew that some details still needed ironing out. We brought in the Stearman, the Cobra, and the Red Bull Army Sports Club’s (HSV) flag jumpers. With Dario and the Red Bull Skydive Team, we noticed during training that it could work – and would look really cool from the ground.

What story do you want to tell AIRPOWER22 visitors with the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple?

Dario Costa: It’s about the three elements of entertainment, education, and inspiration . We want to entertain fans with all facets of flying, and we also want to present the different disciplines and prove it is possible to combine aircraft, helicopters, and parachutists – even if the discrepancy in speed between the three elements is enormous.

You have mentioned it; combining these three elements is a real challenge. The Red Bull Aerobatic Triple is a world premiere for a reason …

Mirko Flaim: The challenge is to combine all these spectacular individual manoeuvres into one big whole. It’s all about precision and timing. It has to be perfect; that’s the only way it can work. It has already worked very well in training, and I don’t want to give too much away yet, but it should also look very cool from the ground.

Marco Waltenspiel: We form the orchestra of aviation for the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple. Everyone is a respected professional in their field, and everyone knows exactly what they have to do in the air. The training sessions are about ensuring that all the manoeuvres mesh and that everyone knows what the others are doing. Everything has to come together to the second for the world premiere to succeed.

What are you most looking forward to at the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple?

Dario Costa: To the celebration after the successful world premiere! If everything works out and we entertain the visitors with the Red Bull Aerobatic Triple, then we have achieved our goal. Then we know we have given something back to the visitors after they inspired us with their enthusiasm.

© Joerg Mitter