Action Plan

The planned measures for implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy include:
1. Green procurement in upcoming tenders (e.g., deliveries from beyond a certain radius via sustainable transport logistics, minimum ecological standards for all delivery vehicles, formation of transport pools, etc.). These requirements are mandatory for upcoming tenders and will be implemented by AIRPOWER22’s commercial partners and suppliers.
2. Status quo surveyof 2019’s AIRPOWER19’s climate relevance. This survey of the most recent AIRPOWER meets international reporting standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, as well as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), to identify and, above all, quantify the concrete potential for improvement.
3. Setting up a comprehensive sustainability strategy for AIRPOWER22 together with external experts and specialist service providers, especially for transport, catering, waste management, and accommodation, to significantly reduce CO2 emissions at AIRPOWER22.
4. Further development of the existing transport concept with respect to sustainability, to ensure the best possible journey by public transport and shuttle from the public transport hubs to the event site, and incentives for carpooling.
5. Implementation of the sustainability strategy measures with ongoing benchmarking, quantitative and qualitative implementation monitoring through seamless data collection (via software), and final report.
6. Ongoing recording of AIRPOWER22’s carbon footprint across all areas with a measurement tool (software).
7. Preparation, documentation, and drafting of a sustainability report following international standardsafter AIRPOWER22 by around mid-October 2022 with a transparent presentation of the climate relevance of AIRPOWER22 (as compared to AIRPOWER19).
No greenwashing. Truly comprehensive sustainability optimisation
This topic has top priority for all responsible. It runs across all planning steps and will, of course, be fully considered during implementation. The AIRPOWER22 project team implements all steps with the support of external experts and specialist service providers. Comprehensive sustainability optimisation is intrinsic to all areas of AIRPOWER22.
Credit: Pixabay