AIRPOWER24 with numerous premieres and superlatives!

Program presentation of AIRPOWER24 on 06/07 September 2024

Flying. Freedom. Enthusiasm”: Under this motto, the Austrian Armed Forces will host AIRPOWER24, the largest air show in Europe, on September 6 and 7, 2024, at the Hinterstoisser Air Base in Zeltweg. “I am delighted that, together with our partners Red Bull and the Province of Styria, AIRPOWER24 will once again provide an important boost to tourism and the economy in the region. This year’s AIRPOWER24 also offers an unprecedented program with numerous highlights and premieres. According to current planning, a total of 206 aircraft from over 20 nations will be on display at AIRPOWER24. The Austrian Armed Forces will be present at AIRPOWER24 with over 40 aircraft and The Flying Bulls with 37 aircraft. Visitors to AIRPOWER24 will be able to get a first-hand impression of what our air forces are capable of. And what new aircraft we will be receiving in the coming years,” explains Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner on the occasion of the AIRPOWER24 program presentation.
For example, a static display of the C-390 transport aircraft type, flight demonstrations of possible successors to the Saab 105, which are also currently being procured by the Austrian Armed Forces as part of the 2032 build-up plan, as well as the new AW-169 “LION” multi-purpose helicopter in a flying display will be on show for the first time. AIRPOWER24 is an event for the whole family and also offers varied entertainment for children: on both days of the event, a special children’s area will be available from 7.30 a.m. until the end of the flight demonstrations (5 p.m.). In addition, after the end of flight operations, there will also be programs such as a cinema film screening (Top Gun: Maverick), a “Meet the Pilots Corner” or military music performances until 19:00 at the event site.
In 2024, AIRPOWER24 will continue to be supported by a team of environmental protection and sustainability specialists, which will be coordinated and managed by a dedicated “Sustainability” staff unit. “As a result, special attention is currently being paid to all aspects of sustainability during planning and implementation and the aspects of climate protection, environmental protection, sustainability and waste avoidance are being considered and implemented throughout the entire organization,” Tanner continues.
Drexler: “Enormous added value for the Murtal region and Styria!”
There are numerous positive effects for the Murtal region and Styria as a whole. “AIRPOWER ensures additional overnight stays and brings a total added value of around nine million euros to Styria. In addition, the event offers us a good opportunity to present Styria as an innovative business location and diverse tourism destination beyond the state’s borders,” says Styrian Governor Christopher Drexler.
Grubesa: “I am delighted about the boost for Styria”
“The accommodation establishments in the Mur Valley and far beyond are already fully booked for the AIRPOWER24 event weekend, and all catering establishments in the region will see increased footfall and sales – weeks in advance. And 100 percent of the added value in the areas of catering, food stands and beer and drinks will remain in the region. I am therefore delighted about this boost for the Murtal region from AIRPOWER24,” says Michaela Grubesa, Member of Parliament.
Numerous program highlights with premieres and superlatives
“In addition to an interception demonstration with two Eurofighters and a C-130 of the Austrian Air Force followed by a performance demonstration, i.e. a so-called “dog-fight” demo of two Eurofighters, there will also be flying displays of a German A-400M, two solo displays of Eurofighters or an F-16 and F-18, among other military aircraft. For the first time in Austria, a solo display of an American F-35A from the US Air Force F-35 Lightning II Demo Team, flown by display pilot Captain Melanie “Mach” Kluesner, will also be on show. I am particularly looking forward to a solo display of one of our S-70 Black Hawks and a flight demonstration of our new AW-169 Lion”, says Major General Gerfried Promberger, Air Chief and overall responsible for AIRPOWER24. Other jet and propeller-driven training aircraft on display will include the T346 (Italy), L39NG (Czech Republic) and PC-9M (Slovenia).
Several aerobatic teams or squadrons also perform, such as
  • Patrouille Suisse with 6 Northrop F-5E Tiger IIs
  • Patrulla Aguila with 7 CASA C-101,
  • Krila Oluje with 6 PC-9Ms,
  • the Red Bull Blanix team,
  • the Czech Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team and
  • the Horsemen Flight Team with 3 historic North American P-51 Mustang.
World premiere of “Argonauten” at AIRPOWER24
The Austrian Armed Forces’ “Argonauts” flying display will also be a real premiere. For the first time, 25 aircraft will simultaneously show all the capabilities of the air forces in combination with ground and special vehicles of the land forces in one display – and this will be integrated into a dramaturgical production by the artist network lawine torrén based on the historical material of the “Argonauts Saga” and with music specially composed for it by well-known composer and arranger Tristan Schulze, which will be played by over 140 musicians of the Austrian military music. “We are breaking new ground here: the entire signature landscape of the Mur Valley and the backdrop of the Hinterstoisser airbase will become playing fields for choreographies in this display, which will involve Austrian Armed Forces aircraft, soldiers, dancers and actors as well as some ground and special vehicles of the Austrian Armed Forces on an equal footing in a narrative structure between film and theater,” continues Promberger.
The Flying Bulls at AIRPOWER24
At AIRPOWER24, the Flying Bulls will be in action both on the ground and in the air with their historic aircraft. Visitors can look forward to the following program items in particular:
  • The “Lift-off Legends” of the Flying Bulls offer a “dance of the rotors” which, following a spectacular choreography, whirl across the Zeltweg sky, seemingly defying gravity.
  • The “Red Bull Blanix” team, which is already a regular guest at AIRPOWER24 with its gliders, demonstrates that whisper-quiet is also possible. In combination with the skydivers of the Red Bull Skydive Team, the pilots and athletes swing through the sky as the “Wings of Silence” at the quietest highlight of AIRPOWER24.
  • In the “Dynamic Sky” display by the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team from the Czech Republic, the name says it all – formation flying at the highest level awaits.
  • AIRPOWER24 will see the summit meeting of the two “Aces of Aerobatics” and thus of two sky artists who inspire: Dario Costa and Luke Czepiela. Costa caused a worldwide sensation in his Extra with the legendary Tunnel Pass and Czepiela landed spectacularly in his CubCrafters Carbon Cub in just 20.76 meters on the heli-platform of the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.
“For us, AIRPOWER24 is much more than the largest aviation show in Europe. It is a real home game and the emotional highlight of a long season for all of us, which also guarantees a real goosebump feeling in the cockpit. Together with the international Red Bull athletes and our long-standing partners, the Austrian Armed Forces and the Province of Styria, we are incredibly looking forward to performing in front of tens of thousands of aviation enthusiasts,” says Ludwig Reiter, pilot at the Flying Bulls.
More convenient and sustainable travel than ever before
“Convenient, environmentally friendly and just a few minutes’ walk to the heart of the event site. It has never been easier or quicker to travel to AIRPOWER24 by public transport. As Europe’s largest airshow, AIRPOWER24 really is setting new standards in terms of environmentally friendly travel!” explains Brigadier Wolfgang Prieler, AIRPOWER24 Project Manager.

The key points of the new traffic concept are:

  • The capacity of public transport will be significantly increased this year with specially hired shuttle trains from provincial capitals and dedicated bus routes with hundreds of possible boarding points throughout Austria directly to Zeltweg.
  • With the simultaneous relief of the Zeltweg train station through the increased use of the Judenburg and Knittelfeld train stations as well as additional parking spaces with shuttle bus services, the passenger frequency at the Zeltweg train station will be significantly minimized on the days of the event.
  • The recently agreed extension of a platform at Zeltweg station will make it possible to increase the frequency of regular train services.

“Experience has shown that the crowds on the event site will be very large on both days. We strongly recommend traveling by public transport to ensure a comfortable and congestion-free journey. Overall, we will be able to significantly reduce the congestion on the access roads and the higher-ranking road network this year and, with additional offers at the event site in the evening, we will be able to ease the evening peak somewhat, even though a certain amount of congestion cannot be completely prevented with the expected influx at the morning and evening peak, as with any other major event,” concludes Prieler. All information on how to get there can be found here:

Defense Minister Tanner is looking forward to AIRPOWER24 “with numerous premieres and highlights”
(here is an archive picture of the AIRPOWER22).

Credit: BMLV / Melicharek

Governor Christopher Drexler and Air Chief Major General Gerfried Promberger at the AIRPOWER24 program presentation.

Credit: BMLV / Pusch

Two Eurofighters of the Austrian Armed Forces and an Alpha Jet of the Flying Bulls during a flight demonstration on the occasion of the AIRPOWER24 program presentation.

Credit: BMLV / Pusch

Program presentation of AIRPOWER24 in Zeltweg (from left to right): Flying Bulls pilot Ludwig Reiter, Member of Parliament Michaela Grubesa, Airchief Major General Gerfried Promberger, Governor Christopher Drexler, Project Manager Brigadier Wolfgang Prieler and Display Director Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ploder.

Credit: BMLV / Pusch