Sonex Waiex-Bull OE-CAN

The promotion of young talent is a major focus for the Flying Bulls. For this reason, apprentices have been trained as aircraft technicians at Hangar 8 at Salzburg Airport since 2017.

The aircraft exhibited here is a so-called kit aircraft purchased from Sonex Aircraft. Under the guidance of the experienced Flying Bulls technicians, our trainees assembled the Waiex-Bull. Another special feature of this project was that the engine had to be built from individual parts.

The machine is currently undergoing testing. A total of 50 flight hours are required until final certification. Among other things, sustainable fuels are also being tested for their suitability for the Flying Bulls fleet as part of these flights.

Until final approval is granted, the machine remains in the primer green. After that, it will receive a worthy livery and the registration OE-CAN.

Sonex Waiex-Bull

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