Fly a helicopter yourself in a simulator

Have you ever flown a helicopter? Head to AIRPOWER19 for a simulated flight in a Robinson R66. Climb aboard and experience a helicopter pilot’s perspective. Find out first-hand what makes a helicopter so fascinating. The simulator can take you through any scenario and weather condition you choose.
Take a sightseeing tour of Vienna or the mountains if you wish. Or perhaps you would like to learn to take off, hover, and land. Anything is possible in a flight simulator. An experienced instructor will be there to help you with your flight and will teach you everything from how to start the turbine gently to the safe landing on a heliport of your choice. All are welcome, regardless of whether you already have flying experience or are simply enthusiastic about helicopters. You will have a taste for flying by the time you have landed your helicopter. We are sure this will not be your last flight.

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