The single-engine G-2 Galeb was the first Yugoslav jet to be mass-produced. The production of this training, reconnaissance, and ground combat aircraft began in 1965 and was initially only planned for the Yugoslav Air Force. However, export models were later developed for Libya and Zambia. In total, 248 units of the two-seater gull were built by Soko in present-day Bosnia Herzegovina.
The straight wing sections and the wheel suspensions attached to them are characteristic. They ensure a controlled touchdown on unpaved runways. In general, the G-2 is considered forgiving in flight and easy to maintain.
The rare Galeb G-2 can of course also be seen at AIRPOWER19.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer Soko, Mostar
Length 10.35m
Height 3.3m
Wingspan 11.62m
Kerb weight 2,620kg
Max. Take-off weight 3,884kg
Max. Speed 840km/h / 454kts
Service ceiling 10,970m / 36,000ft
Engine 1x Viper 22-6
Thrust 11.13kN
Crew 2
Static display

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