Rotorwings Formation Team

The Rotorwings pilots in the Formation Team stand for strong show expression, an absolute mastery of the machine and a keen sense for the precise interaction in formation flight. The vision became reality – and so the individual passion for flying becomes the unifying and dynamic element in the Red Bull Rotorwings Formation Team.

A gyroplane is a rotorcraft for up to two passengers in which the rotor is passively rotated by the airstream with the rotor axis tilted backwards. The airfoil of the rotor blades creates the necessary lift even during slow forward flight. Unlike a helicopter, hovering and vertical takeoffs and landings are not possible. Gyrocopters are considered more environmentally friendly.

The popularity of the gyrocopters did not diminish – and so in 2009 and 2010 the first world trip in the popular flying machines was documented. The machines enjoy great popularity in both the private and professional sectors. Gyroplanes are less sensitive to turbulence and are considered more environmentally friendly.

At AIRPOWER22, the impressive gyroplanes can be admired in static display.

Rotor Wings Gyrocopter

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