Robinson R22

Built since 1973, the Robinson R22 is a helicopter made by the US aircraft manufacturer Robinson Helicopter. The concept envisioned a simple, lightweight, low-cost helicopter for training, surveillance, and private use.

It is currently produced in the R22 Beta II version. The Robinson R44 is the slightly larger but similarly built sister model of the R22. Since 2010 Robinson has also offered a turbine-driven model, the Robinson R66

The R22 is not powered by shaft turbines, as is common in helicopter construction today, but by a conventional piston engine from the manufacturer Lycoming. However, since a piston engine, unlike a freewheeling turbine, cannot be started under frictional connection with the rotor system, the use of a detachable coupling became necessary to separate the drive and load for the starting process. The R22 achieves this thanks to a “stretch” tensioning device of the multiple V-belt drive between the engine and the main gearbox.

The R22 can transition from full speed to slow or hover over the shortest distance.

The R22 is in AIRPOWER22’s static display.

Robinson R22

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