Pilatus PC-9

The Swiss manufacturer Pilatus specialises in turboprop-powered trainer aircraft such as the PC-9. This is currently used by 13 air forces to train the next generation of pilots.

It is visually similar to its predecessor, the Pilatus PC-7, but represents a new design. Only 10 percent of the components were taken from the PC-7. Among other features, the PC-9 has a more powerful turbine, a more modern cockpit with multiple multifunction displays and head-up display, and an air brake between the landing gears. Two modern ejection seats Martin-Baker Mk.CH11A are installed in the cockpit for crew rescue.

The two-seater is characterized by both good-natured flight behavior (which is especially appreciated by beginners) and sufficient power for more demanding maneuvers.

Although the Slovenian Air Force does not have its own fighter aircraft, it does have eleven Pilatus PC-9 training aircraft, but these can be equipped with machine guns, auxiliary tanks and missiles.

At AIRPOWER22, a PC-9 of the Slovenian Air Force will be on flying display.

Pilatus PC-9