The two-seater multi-purpose trainer aircraft from the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus is one of the late starters. The prototype took off for the first time in 1966, but customer interest was so low that the first production machine was built ten years later. But then the versatile talents of the PC-7 – which masters everything from basic training to instrument flight, aerobatics, and night flight to tactical training – quickly spread around.
Today, around 20 air forces, including the Austrian Air Force, train their pilots on the Pilatus PC-7. Nearly 500 units have been built.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., Switzerland
In service with the Austrian Federal Armed Forces since 1983
Wingspan 10.40m
Length 9.77m
Height 3.21m
Max. Weight 2,700kg
Maximum speed 500km/h
Cruising speed 330km/h
Service ceiling 10,000m
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT 6A-25A
Power 550hp
Crew/Passengers 1+1
Flying and static display

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