The North American F-86 Sabre was a single-engine fighter aircraft produced by North American Aviation. The low-winged aircraft was in service in the early days of the Cold War. Following the Korean War, the F-86 became NATO’s standard fighter. Although the type was originally conceived as a day fighter, North American also developed an all-weather fighter equipped with radar based on the F-86. The UK’s Royal Air Force Sabre, built in Canada, also flew temporarily. The first British Sabre squadron was Squadron 67. Ten Sabre squadrons were in service with RAF Germany in the mid-1950s. The German Luftwaffe also used the F-86 as a day fighter, fighter-bomber, and all-weather fighter.

At AIRPOWER19 an F-86 Sabre is represented as a counterpart to the MiG-15 in the flying display. The jet is operated by Mistral Warbirds. We will have to wait and see if the two former adversaries will have a dogfight, and if the F-86 Sabre can prove its credentials.

Facts & Numbers

Crew: 1
Length: 37′ 1″ (11.4m)
Wingspan: 37′ 0″ (11.3m)
Height: 14′ 1″ (4.5m)
Wing area: 313.4ft² (29.11m²)
Kerb weight: 11,125lbs (5,046kg)
Max. take-off weight: 18,152lbs (8,234kg)
Fuel: 437 US gallons (1,650l), drop tanks: 2×200 US gallons (760l) JP-4 fuel
Engine: 1x General Electric J47-GE-27 turbojet
Power: 26.3kN
Maximum speed: 1,106km/h
Flying display


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