Wherever Austrian soldiers are involved in crisis management and to demonstrate solidarity, they are offered support by the Air Force where necessary. The highly specialised professionals of the Federal Armed Forces are currently performing this task in Lebanon. The Air Force transports personnel, materials, and equipment over long distances or to remote locations. Reconnaissance and liaison flights are also among the tasks of air support, as are the dropping of relief supplies for people in need from low altitudes and the evacuation of Austrians from crisis zones.

Military operations:

Transportation, reconnaissance, evacuation

Hercules transporters are the umbilical cord home for Austrian soldiers A rather powerful umbilical cord. The maximum payload of the C-130 Hercules is almost 20 tons. The troops are provided with everything they need, from mineral water bottles to combat vehicles.

MEDEVAC missions:

The flying hospital

Federal Armed Forces professionals are also well-equipped for so-called MEDEVAC missions. This is the evacuation of sick or seriously injured people from crisis zones by the proven C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. Containers with state-of-the-art medical equipment for intensive and non-intensive patients, the so-called MEDEVAC modules, are available for this delicate task. These flying hospitals are accompanied by at least one emergency doctor and two medical NCOs.

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