Higher Department for Aviation Technology

Due to the booming aviation industry worldwide and the strong aviation supply industry in Austria, the HTL Kapfenberg has been offering aviation technologytraining since the 2017/2018 academic year.

The focus of this five-year training course, which concludes with the Reifeprüfung (school-leaving certificate) and Diplomprüfung (diploma certificate), is on the development, design, and manufacture of components and parts for modern aircraft on the basis of the EASA Part 21 – Airworthiness and Environmental Certification regulation. Training is divided into a general component and the specific technical specialisation in the field of aviation technology.

The following modern and innovative occupational fields are among those offered to graduates with this training background:

  • Planning, design, development, and manufacture of components for the aviation supply industry from modern aviation materials (metals/plastics)
  • Materials technology and material testing of modern aeronautical materials
  • Qualityand project management
  • Aircraft construction, lightweight construction, propulsion technology of aircraft

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