General Dynamics European Land Systems – Steyr (GDELS-Steyr)
PANDUR 6×6 SHORAD (Short Range Air Defence)

Together with the air defense and air support, as an active part of the Austrian air force, a PANDUR 6×6 Evo, currently in production and delivery for the Austrian Federal Army, with a Short Range Air Defence System (SHORAD) ” ATLAS RC” of MBDA at AIRPOWER19.

The PANDUR vehicle family is available as a 6×6 and 8×8 configuration as well as in a terrestrial and amphibious version. Thanks to the flexible architecture of the base vehicle, a wide variety of variants, which are necessary in use for missions with special requirements, can be presented.

The PANDUR 6×6 Evo is characterized by its high mobility and the high protection of the crew against ballistic, mine and IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) threats. Despite its compactness, the protected vehicle can accommodate up to 11 crew members including equipment.

The “ATLAS RC” can be operated both autonomously and in combination by means of the target allocation of airspace monitoring. The system is operated remotely from the protected vehicle interior and has two MISTRAL “ready to fire” missiles. A machine gun calibre 7.62mm serves as a self-defense weapon. For observation or target detection, the air defense system has a day/night and an infrared visual device and a tracker that enables automatic target detection and target tracking. The Mistral 3 rocket is compatible with all available devices (MANPADS).

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