Eurofighter Typhoon

The EUROFIGHTER “Typhoon” is a fourth-generation multi-role combat aircraft developed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain in joint production. Changing requirements, the end of the Cold War, and discussions about the work shares of the nations involved delayed the development of the aircraft. The first units were delivered to the Bundeswehr in 2003. In addition to the air forces of the four European manufacturing nations, users of the aircraft include the air forces of Austria and the four Arab Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

The Eurofighter is a single-seat, all-weather, multi-role combat aircraft. It can be used in air defense (air-to-air) and air attack (air-to-ground) roles.

The Luftwaffe’s total of 138 Eurofighters form the backbone of the German fighter fleet. They are a core element in ensuring the future contribution of the Air Force to the required capability profile of the armed forces and the associated alliance commitments.

Thanks to its ability to conduct networked operations, the Eurofighter can be deployed in close alliance – both with its own air, land and naval forces and with those of military allies. The Eurofighter’s superiority in both close air combat and long-range operations ensures the protection of its own forces and assets. The jet can achieve this effectiveness day and night, in all weather conditions and in complex operational scenarios.

The multi-role fighter jet is powered by two EJ200 engines from the Eurojet consortium. Each engine generates a thrust of about 60,000 newtons without afterburner. When the afterburner is switched on, a maximum thrust of over 90,000 newtons is generated. Unlike the Tornado, the Eurofighter takes off without afterburners in normal flight operations. This reduces noise pollution at Air Force airfields. The Eurofighter can also accelerate into the supersonic range without afterburners and fly supersonically for extended periods. This capability, known as “supercruise,” is currently available to only a few fighter aircraft in the world.

At AIRPOWER22, in addition to the Eurofighter of the Austrian Air Force, aircraft of the Luftwaffe and Aeronautica Militare can be viewed in both the Flying and Static Displays.


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