Eurofighter Typhoon

The EUROFIGHTER “Typhoon” is a fourth-generation multi-role combat aircraft developed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain in joint production. Changing requirements, the end of the Cold War, and discussions about the work shares of the nations involved delayed the development of the aircraft. The first units were delivered to the Bundeswehr in 2003. In addition to the air forces of the four European manufacturing nations, users of the aircraft include the air forces of Austria and the four Arab Gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Originally developed as a highly agile air superiority fighter against the Warsaw Pact threat, the aircraft was adapted to its new role as a multi-role fighter after entering service.

The single- or two-seater jet has two powerful engines and state-of-the-art navigation and control systems (fly-by-wire), which ensure particularly good manoeuvrability at low speed and high agility. The Eurofighter achieves its high maneuverability with the help of flight control computers.

Two-seaters are mainly used in training. For example, all Austrian Eurofighter pilots are trained in Germany, as only single-seaters are used in Austria.

With the EUROFIGHTER, the Austrian Armed Forces have one of the most modern weapon systems of the present day. For years to come, the new interceptors will form the backbone of airspace surveillance.

The EUROFIGHTER is the active component of Austrian airspace surveillance, for which it was already used during the European Football Championship 2008, to protect the annual World Economic Summit in Davos/Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Air Force, and at other major events.

At the Royal International Air Tattoo 2022 in Fairford, UK, the Austrian Armed Forces team was awarded the RAFCTE Trophy for the best flight performance by a foreign participant: Two Eurofighters and a C-130 of the Austrian Air Force thereby demonstrated the simulation of an interception of an aircraft in front of the enthusiastic visitors.

By the way, this display will also be seen at AIRPOWER22.


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