Eurocopter EC135 - ÖAMTC air rescue service

Every year, the ÖAMTC air ambulance flies approx. 19,000 operations in Austria. The goal: to help people who are in need. Thousands of people owe their lives to the quick help from the air and a much larger number have been spared long stays in hospitals.

The specially trained ÖAMTC crew is composed of a team of 3: Flight rescue physician, flight rescuer and pilot. Every year, they come to the aid of people in need with one of the Christophorus emergency helicopters. The recipe for success: rapid assistance by perfectly trained emergency physicians directly at the scene of the emergency.

The ÖAMTC air rescue service relies on the H135 helicopter (formerly the EC135) from Airbus Helicopters. The H135 is a light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter. It was developed by the DASA Group, which later became Eurocopter Deutschland (now Airbus Helicopters), and produced as the Eurocopter EC135 until 2014.

Their area of operation is mainly in air rescue and as police helicopters or for comparable tasks. It is also increasingly used to train and instruct pilots, for example in the German Armed Forces or the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces.
The version is available under the designation H135M (formerly EC635). It is a light combat, transport, observation and training helicopter previously ordered by Switzerland, Jordan and the Iraqi Air Force.

The H135 is one of the preferred helicopters in air rescue; currently 650 of the more than 1,400 built are equipped for medical emergencies, representing a 25% market share worldwide. Other applications include private and business transportation, law enforcement and offshore activities, and military training.

In total, more than 300 customers in 60 countries use the H135 family helicopters for various missions, bringing their total mission time to more than 6 million flight hours.

Eurocopter EC135

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