The Airbus Helicopter EC 135 is a modern helicopter with a jointless main rotor system. A special feature of this flight pattern is the sheathed tail rotor (Fenestron), which has a noise-reducing effect and reduces the risk of accidents. In various versions, the helicopter flies worldwide in the private sector, in the police and rescue service as well as in the military.
With the EC 135 training helicopter, flight students in basic training for helicopter pilots not only learn to master the helicopter according to visual flight rules within 12 months, but also receive the qualification for instrument flight and the Sensor flight in night low flight. The helicopter has two engines, a digital cockpit, autopilot and a flight management system (FMS) – a computer system that automates in-flight tasks.
Facts & Figures
Engine power 2 x 734 shaft hp
Cruise speed 220 km/h
Length 12.16 m
Width 2.65 m
Height 3.85 m
Payload 1455 kg
Duration of use 700 km
Occupation 2 Soldiers
Static display
Photo (Source: Bundeswehr/Metternich)

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