The DA42-VI is the successor of the DA42 NG and the DA 42 Twin Star, the world’s first turbodiesel-powered twin-engine aircraft in the under 2000kg category. The four-seater Twin Star was so fuel-efficient that it completed the world’s first non-stop transatlantic crossing by a diesel-powered general aviation aircraft. The advanced DA42-VI is built from lightweight and durable carbon fibre. It is equipped with two state-of-the-art 168hp AE300 turbocharged engines.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer Diamond Aircraft, Austria
Version DA42-VI
Length 8.56m
Height 2.49m
Wingspan 13.55m
Kerb weight 1,365kg
Max. Take-off weight 1,999kg
Top speed 350km/h / 188kts
Service ceiling 5,486m / 18,000ft
Engine 2x AE 300 Austro engines
Power 2x168hp
Crew + Passengers 1 + 3

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