The single-engine Hawk was developed by Hawker-Siddeley (now BAE Systems) as a light training and combat aircraft for near-air support. It first flew in 1974. The wings of the agile two-seater are particularly low in order to give the second pilot – the flight instructor during practice flights – a sufficient overview. The Hawk is still produced by BAE, and under license by HAL in India, and is in service in many countries. More than 1,000 units in various versions have been built so far.
Two British Royal Air Force Hawk T2s can be seen in the static display at AIRPOWER19.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer BAE Systems
Version T2
Length 12.43m
Height 4m
Wingspan 9.94m
Kerb weight 6,500kg
Max. Take-off weight 7,500kg
Top speed Mach 0.98 / 550kts / 1,018km/h
Service ceiling 42,000ft (12,800m)
Engine 1x Rolls-Royce Adour Mk. 951 951
Thrust 29 kN (6,500lbs)
Crew 2
Static display
Image copyright (c) by Bob Smith

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