Around the clock, 365 days a year, Austro Control ensures safe, punctual, and environmentally friendly air traffic. No easy task with over 1.3 million flight movements per year. Air traffic controllers from the overflight control centre in the 3rd district and at the air traffic control points at all Austrian commercial airports guide the aircraft safely and efficiently through the airspace. In addition to air traffic control, Austro Control’s tasks include the establishment and operation of technical air traffic control systems, the air meteorological service, the approval and verification of aircraft, the issuance of pilot licences, search and rescue operations and ambulance services, oversight of flight schools, and the authorisation of drones. If you are interested in becoming an air traffic controller or want to take a look behind the scenes of air traffic control, then visit us at the Austro Control tent. Sit down at our authentic radar console and let us walk you through the exciting tasks of an air traffic controller. Or visit the Tower Vienna or the overflight control centre with VR glasses and experience the different work areas up close. All information on requirements, the application, and the admission procedure can be found at:

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