Here we present the participants and teams from 24 nations who will be represented at AIRPOWER19. This list is not exhaustive. Changes may occur at any time for organisational and administrative necessity.

 DISPLAY-NameDisplay Typemil/civCountryLink
EFTEurofighter Typhoonstatic & flying milAUTDetails
105Saab 105OEstatic & flying milAUTDetails
PC7Pilatus PC-7static & flying milAUTDetails
DA40Diamond Aircraft DA40 NGstatic & flying milAUTDetails
AL3Aerospatiale SA-316B Alouette IIIstatic & flying milAUTDetails
PC6Pilatus PC-6 Porterstatic & flying milAUTDetails
O58Bell OH-58 KIOWA static & flying milAUTDetails
S70Sikorsky S-70 BLACK HAWK static & flying milAUTDetails
212Agusta Bell AB-212static & flying milAUTDetails
F16General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon flyingmilBELDetails
A109Agusta Westland AW 109flyingmilBELDetails
F5Northrop F-5 Tiger IIflyingmilCHEDetails
F18Mc Donnell Douglas F/A-18 HornetflyingmilCHEDetails
AS332Aerospatiale AS 332 Super Puma flyingmilCHEDetails
PC9Pilatus PC-9flyingmilCRODetails
Mi24/35Mil Mi 24/35 Hind flyingmilCZEDetails
EFTEurofighter Typhoonstatic milGERDetails
TORPanavia PA 200 TORNADO static milGERDetails
A400Airbus A400M Atlas staticmilGERDetails
P3CLockheed P-3C Orion staticmilGERDetails
228Dornier DO-228staticmilGERDetails
MK88Westland Sea Lynx Mk.88staticmilGERDetails
EC135Airbus Helicopters EC-135 staticmilGERDetails
H145Airbus Helicopters H-145staticmilGERDetails
EC135Airbus Helicopters EC-135 T1staticmilGERDetails
NH90NH Industries NH -90flyingmilGERDetails
C101CASA C-101 Aviojet flyingmilESPDetails
F16General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon flyingmilGREDetails
JAS39Saab JAS-39 Gripen static & flying milHUNDetails
MB339Aermacchi MB-339 PANflyingmilITADetails
EFTEurofighter TyphoonstaticmilITADetails
M346Alenia Aermacchi M-346 staticmilITADetails
AW169Agusta Westland AW 169staticmilITADetails
AWACSBoeing E-3A Sentry AWACSstaticmilNATODetails
F16General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon staticmilNLDDetails
PC9Pilatus PC-9staticmilSLODetails
MIG29Mikojan – Gurewitsch MIG-29 FULCRUMstaticmilSVKDetails
Mi17Mil Mi-17 HIPflyingmilSVKDetails
SU22Suchoi SU-22 FITTERstatic & flying milPOLDetails
HAWKBAE Hawk T-2staticmilGBRDetails
DC6Douglas DC-6Bstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
F4Chance Vaught F4U Corsairstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
B25North American B-25 MITCHELLstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
P38Lockheed P-38 Lightning static & flying zivAUTDetails
ALPHADassault Aviation/Dornier ALPHA JETstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
PC6Pilatus PC-6 Porter static & flying zivAUTDetails
B47Bell B-47Gstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
BO105Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm MBB BO-105flyingzivAUTDetails
SYCBristol 171 Sycamore static & flying zivAUTDetails
T28North American T-28 TROJAN static & flying zivAUTDetails
EC135Airbus Helicopters EC-135 static & flying zivAUTDetails
SU29Suchoi SU-29static & flying zivAUTDetails
C337Cessna 337 Skymaster “Push Pull”static & flying zivAUTDetails
T34Beech T-34 Mentorstatic & flying zivAUTDetails
CE208Cessna 208 Amphibian “Caravan”static & flying zivAUTDetails
PT17Boeing PT-17 Stearman static & flying zivAUTDetails
PT19Fairchild PT-19 static & flying zivAUTDetails
HUSKYAviat Husky static & flying zivAUTDetails
TEMCOGlobe/Temco GC-1A Swift staticzivAUTDetails
EDGEZivko Edge 540flyingzivAUTDetails
ROTORGyrocopter AutoGyro MTO SportstaticzivAUTDetails
R22Robinson R22flyingzivAUTDetails
SKYWing Suit Team flyingzivAUTDetails
DA62Diamond Aircraft DA62staticzivAUTDetails
DARTDiamond Aircraft DART 450flyingzivAUTDetails
DARTDiamond Aircraft DART 550flyingzivAUTDetails
TWINDiamond Aircraft DA42 Twin Star staticzivAUTDetails
AN2Antonov AN-2 staticzivAUTDetails
C182Cessna 182 Skylane staticzivAUTDetails
BALLONHeissluftballon Steiermark Herz fahrend zivAUTDetails
BLANIXLet L-13 Blanik flyingzivAUTDetails
E300Extra 300 flyingzivAUTDetails
PISCHPischof Autoplan static zivAUTDetails
EC135 BMIAirbus Helicopters EC-135 staticzivAUTDetails
PA18Piper PA-18 staticzivAUTDetails
GROB115Grob G 115staticzivAUTDetails
HUNTERHawker Hunter flyingzivCHEDetails
MIG15Mikojan – Gurewitsch MIG15 flyingzivCZEDetails
CZFBXtremeAir XA42 flyingzivCZEDetails
T6North American T-6 Harvard staticzivCZEDetails
FW190Focke – Wulf Fw 190 flyingzivGERDetails
T6North American T-6 Texan staticzivGERDetails
HURRICANEHawker Hurricane staticzivGERDetails
ME108Messerschmitt ME-108 Taifun staticzivGERDetails
BEECH18Beechcraft Model 18 staticzivGERDetails
DH89De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide staticzivGERDetails
FOUGAAerospatiale (Fouga) CM.170 Magister staticzivGERDetails
DO27Dornier DO-27 staticzivGERDetails
P149Piaggio P.149staticzivGERDetails
YAK11Jakowlew YAK-11staticzivGERDetails
S211SIAI-Marchetti S211staticzivGERDetails
SPITSupermarine Spitfire flyingzivGBRDetails
L39Aero L-39 Albatros flyingzivFRADetails
F86North American F-86 Sabre flyingzivFRADetails
GALEBSOKO G-2 Galeb staticzivSRBDetails
DR1Fokker DR.IflyingzivSWEDetails
J35Saab J-35 Draken flyingzivSWEDetails
F35Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning IIstaticmilITADetails
C130Lockheed C-130 HerculesstaticmilUSADetails
P8Boeing P-8 PoseidonstaticmilUSADetails
TUMMFVM Ö1 Tummelisa flyingzivSWEDetails


 Display-NameDisplay Typemil/civilCountryLink
AROB3Red Bull Aerobatic Triple flyingzivAUTDetails
BLANIXTeam Blanix flyingzivAUTDetails
BREITLINGBreitling Jet Team flyingzivFrauDetails
BULLSThe Flying Bulls flying & static zivAUTDetails
CZEAEROCzech Aerobatics Team flyingzivCZEDetails
FRECCEFrecce Tricolori flyingmil ITADetails
KRILAKrila Oluje (Wings of Storm) flyingmil CRODetails
ÖBHAustrain Air Forcesflying & static milAUTDetails
PATAGUPatrulla Aguila flyingmilESPDetails
PATSUIParouille Suisse flyingmil CHEDetails
ROTORRotorwings Formation Team staticzivAUTDetails
SKYRed Bull Sky Dive Team flyingzivAUTDetails


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