Airbus Military/CASA C-295 Persuader

The Airbus C-295 Persuader is a multi-purpose tactical transport, maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft developed by Airbus Defence and Space’s former CASA. It belongs to the so-called new generation in the light and medium segments.

Based on the CN-235, the C-295 was initially developed by Spain’s CASA as a transport aircraft under its own auspices from late 1996. Compared with its predecessor, it has a fuselage lengthened by additional segments forward and aft of the wing structure, more powerful engines, and reinforcements on the landing gear and wings. The aircraft was officially announced at the Paris Air Show in June 1997, and the first prototype (a conversion of a CN-235) flew for the first time in November 1997. The maiden flight of the first newly built prototype of the aircraft took place on December 22, 1998.

The first customer (delivery from November 2000) for the transport version was the Spanish Air Force with nine aircraft. These were put into service in 2001.

Since the integration of CASA’s military aircraft division into Airbus Military, the C-295 has also been part of Airbus’ product range. The cooperation with Indonesia’s current Indonesian Aerospace, which had already been tested on the two other transports of the former CASA, was also extended to the C-295 in October 2011.

As of December 2021, the order backlog stood at 279 aircraft, of which 194 have already been delivered.

Although the C-295 can be admired for the first time at AIRPOWER22 in the static display, it is no stranger to Austria. The Air Force operated and fielded a CASA-leased CN-235-300, registration 6T-AA, from 2000 to 2002 with the 4th Squadron/Air Regiment 1 for personnel and materiel transport to Army overseas missions and stationed at Langenlebarn.

Airbus Military/CASA C-295 Persuader

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