Agusta Bell AB-206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 is a helicopter family of the US manufacturer Bell Helicopter.

The Bell 206 and its further developments are probably the most commercially successful civil helicopter to date. The Bell 206L Long Ranger is a further development of the Bell 206B Jet Ranger.

First prototypes were built in 1963, the military variant Bell OH-58 became a standard helicopter of the US Army. On the civilian market, the Bell 206 was available since 1967. The Bell 206L made its maiden flight on September 11, 1974. In contrast to the “JetRanger”, the cabin was lengthened by 64 cm (recognizable by the three instead of two side windows) and a damping system was installed to counteract vibration in flight. Like the Bell 206LT Twin Ranger, the Bell 206L-1/L-3 Gemini ST also has a second turbine.

The August Bell AB206 is a license-built version from Italy.

At AIRPOWER22, AB 206 will be featured in the Static Display.

Agusta Bell AB-206 Jet Ranger

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