The Breitling Jet Team flies seven Aero L-39C Albatrosses. They are Czech-built military two-seat training aircraft that are also suitable for passenger flights. These fantastic aircraft offer a great balance between performance, aesthetics, reliability, and operating costs. They were widespread in all former Eastern Bloc countries. The Breitling Jet Team acquired them in excellent technical condition. To emphasise their powerful and dynamic appearance, Breitling has given them a black, anthracite, and metallic grey paint that perfectly matches their spectacular features and further enhancing the incredible stunts. A bold, eye-catching design depicts the number of each pilot in a particularly unique way. It is tightly framed and adapted to the shape of the wings and ailerons. The dark hue of the fuselage is another spectacular feature. It stands out from the metal grey of the wing underside and ensures that the aircraft looks almost like a bullet from the ground.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE, CZ
Wingspan 9.46m
Length 12.13m
Height 4.77m
Max. Weight 4,700kg
Cruise speed 750km/h
Top speed 910km/h in a dive
Service ceiling 11,000m
Crew/Passengers 1+1
Engine 1 Ivchenko Progress Al-25 TL Jet Engine
Power 16.87kN
Flying display

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