The Piaggio P.149 four-seater single-engine school, liaison, and travel aircraft was developed by the Italian manufacturer Piaggio Aero is an all-metal construction. Christened “Piggi” or “Pitschi” by the pilots, the aircraft made its maiden flight on June 16, 1953. Over the following ten years about 270 units of the low-wing aircraft were produced (190 of these units were licenced by Focke-Wulf in Bremen). The light aerobatic aircraft was mainly used by the German Air Force (33 years). The Austrian Air Force also used a P.149D from 1958 to 1965.
The FW Piaggio P.149D can be seen in the static display at AIRPOWER19.
Facts & Figures
Manufacturer Piaggio / Focke-Wulf
Version FW Piaggio P.149D
Aircraft registration D-ELEV
Length 8.80m
Height 2.90m
Wingspan 11.12m
Max. Take-off weight 1,820kg
Max. Speed 305km/h / 165kts
Service ceiling 6,050m / 19,849ft
Engine Lycoming GO 480 B1 A6
Power 270hp
Crew + Passengers 1 + 3
Static display
Photo (c) copyright by Piggi Flyers


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