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The Flying Bulls

One of the highlights of every AIRPOWER are the meticulously restored rarities of the Flying Bulls: this year the Salzburg-based aviation enthusiasts are back again to display some of the most impressive examples of historic aircraft at Hinterstoisser Air Base. The 60 or so members of the Flying Bulls team have invested thousands of hours in transforming the planes and helicopters into aviation gems, both technically and visually – and will be presenting the fruits of their labours on the ground and in the air at AIRPOWER16.

A first at Austria's Airshow: for the first time ever the Flying Bulls will be performing a formation display which will include aerobatic manoeuvres such as the "Cuban Eight". Alpha Jets and warbirds will be flying together side by side – an incredible test of piloting skill, because the aircraft are all designed to fly at very different speeds. 

Fans will find memorabilia on sale from the official Flying Bulls merchandising stand at AIRPOWER16. 

Aircraft in Flying Display

Aircraft in Static Display