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Admission criteria and rules of safety


AIRPOWER16 is an event for families and aviation fans.

The event takes place on a military base. In order to ensure maximum safety of all participants and visitors the following rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to:


Admission criteria

Thorough security and baggage checks will be carried out at all entrances to AIRPOWER16. Please therefore leave any unnecessary items either at home or in your vehicle. The fewer items that have to be checked, the quicker you will be allowed onto the military show ground and the sooner you will be able to enjoy the air displays.

By entering the show ground you agree to adhere to all rules and regulations of the event without exception.

You are required to carry an official photo ID at all times. You may, however, be asked to provide further proof of identity at any time.

All instructions given by military or security personnel must be obeyed at all times. The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission or remove a person from the show ground at any time and are under no obligation to provide justification.

Cameras will be filming at the show ground. All visitors to AIRPOWER16 consent to having personal audio and visual recordings broadcast on television.

Every visitor is required to behave in a manner that does not endanger, harm, hinder or disturb others.

Without the express written permission of the organisers, it is strictly forbidden to sell, distribute, give away or promote goods or services on the show ground or in the car parks.

The organisers accept no liability, as far as is legally permissible.

The rules and regulations of the event are subject to change at any time.


Forbidden objects

Visitors are not permitted to carry any items that could be used as missiles or projectiles or which could in some way be used to disrupt or endanger the event.

The following in particular are not permitted:

  • weapons of any kind (even if the carrier holds a relevant weapons permit);

  • any object that could be used as a weapon (in particular knives, bars, sticks, chains, pepper spray, etc.);

  • any of the following objects:

    • laser pointers

    • pyrotechnic items

    • air horns or noisemakers

    • parasols, umbrellas, cool boxes or deck chairs

    • drugs or narcotics

    • balaclavas or helmets

    • glass bottles or glasses

    • aerial vehicles (model aeroplanes, drones, etc.) of any kind

    • radio equipment of any kind

    • any items of a commercial, political or religious nature, including banners, flags, placards, symbols, flyers or similar;

  • pets/animals;

  • the use of vehicles on the show ground (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) by visitors;


Anyone carrying banned objects will be removed from the show ground.

Note: For security reasons the organisers are unable to provide lockers or other storage facilities.


Permitted objects

  • functioning mobile phones;

  • cameras and tripods, battery-operated movie and video cameras for private and not commercial use (no television broadcasting equipment);

  • mobility aids, wheelchairs, folding chairs;

  • key fobs, wallet chains;

  • medicines (including syringes and glass containers upon provision of medical proof);

  • commercially available pocket lighters;

  • binoculars;

  • plastic bottles and beverage cans;


The organisers recommend:

  • that you plan sufficient journey time;

  • that you avoid using backpacks or bringing other bulky objects.


For your safety:

Airshows are noisy events. You are required to use ear protectors. (The organisers recommend that small children do not attend the event.)

Always pay attention to loud speaker announcements and read the information signs.

All legal and official rules and regulations apply and must be complied with.

AIRPOWER16 is supposed to be a fun event for everyone involved.

So if

  • you notice anything alarming,

  • you see anything suspicious that could impact the safety of the event,


please do not hesitate to contact the security personnel (e.g. military guards, military patrols, police, fire brigade).