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Media Releases

3. September 2016

Media Information

What the participants, organisers and visitors said about AIRPOWER16

3. September 2016

Media Information facts & figures

AIRPOWER16 attracts impressive crowds

23. August 2016

Media Information

The official press kit for AIRPOWER16  - with all the essential facts about Austria's Airshow for your media coverage

11. August 2016

The biggest AIRPOWER ever

The many highlights and firsts in store for us at AIRPOWER16. The measures being taken to ensure the highest levels of safety. And the benefits to the province of Styria.

30. Juni 2016

AIRPOWER16: How time flies

AIRPOWER16 will see the Austrian Air Force invite all of the pioneering aircraft in its history to step forward and take a bow. One of the programme highlights in Zeltweg: the last airworthy Draken – the aircraft which protected our borders during the Yugoslav conflict exactly 25 years ago.

10. Mai 2016


On September 2 and 3, 2016, AIRPOWER16 returns to Zeltweg – with our Air Force‘s most spectacular aircraft, a never-before-seen display from the Flying Bulls and what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.