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 Wherever the Austrian military are involved in crisis management operations they will have, if necessary, the support of the air force. The highly specialised professionals of the armed forces are currently deployed in Lebanon. The air force is responsible for transporting personnel, goods and equipment over long distances or to remote destinations. Reconnaissance and liaison flights as well as airdropping relief aid for the destitute from low altitude and the evacuation of Austrians from crisis areas are just some of the duties performed by the air support arm.


Military deployment:

transport, reconnaissance, evacuation

For the Austrian soldiers the "Hercules" transport planes represented an umbilical cord to the homeland. A very powerful umbilical cord. The maximum payload of the "Hercules" is almost 20 t. The troops are supplied with everything they need - from bottled water to the special operations vehicle.


Medical evacuation (Medevac):

air ambulance

The professionals of the armed forces are also extremely well equipped to handle Medevac operations. Medical evacuation with the proven C-130 Hercules transport aircraft involves extracting the sick or seriously injured from crisis regions. For the task, containers - or Medevac modules - with first-rate medical equipment are available for treating intensive and non-intensive care patients. These air ambulances are manned by at least one emergency doctor and two medical NCOs.




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