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At AIRPOWER16 you will see two planes of this type.

The PC-6 of the Austrian Air Force is used to drop parachutists - during deployment and exercises as well as at events like AIRPOWER16. Besides that it is used for transports and liaison flights. The PC-6 can take off and land on very short airstrips and can be equipped with skids for landing in snowy terrain. Other uses for the PC-6 include aerial photography, the role of aerial target for surface-to-air firing as part of air defence and for air-to-air firing as well as fighting forest fires, which will be demonstrated at AIRPOWER16.

The PC-6 of the Flying Bulls was formerly employed as a medical evacuation, passenger and cargo plane in the jungle of Ecuador. Nowadays, after complete restoration, it is primarily used as a jumping base for the professional parachutists of the Red Bull Skydive Team and the members of HSV Red Bull Salzburg

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., Switzerland
In use in the AAF since 1976
Wingspan 15.87 m
Length 10.9 m
Height 3.20 m
Max. Weight 2,800 kg
Maximum speed 272 km/h
Cruising speed 232 km/h
Service ceiling 7.500 m
Crew/Passengers 1+7
Powerplant Pratt & Whitney PT 6A-27
Power 550 SHP
Display Flying + Static