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CASA C-295

The military multipurpose cargo plane C-295 was developed by Spanish aircraft producer CASA which belongs to the European EADS Aviation Group since 1999. The plane is fitted with two turboprop engines and was conceived for short takeoff and landing. It can be used for a multitude of tasks like logistical and tactical transportation, airdropping of paratroopers and loads as well as evacuation operations. Since the beginning of its delivery in 2001 140 or so planes of this type were purchased by air forces of two dozen nations.

The plane on display at AIRPOWER16 is used by the Polish Air Force.

  • © Bundesheer / Rene Auer

  • © Bundesheer / Rene Auer

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer EADS-CASA
Produced since 2000
Length 24.45 m
Wingspan 25.81 m
Height 8.60 m
Max. takeoff weight 23.2 t
Cruise speed 481 km/h
Range max. 5,630 km (1,333 km with full payload)
Powerplant 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G
Power 2x 1,972 kW
Crew/passengers 2/69-78
Display Static