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The C-m,.27J, produced by the Italian company Alenia, is sort of the small European sister of the Lockheed C-130 "Hercules". The medium-sized multipurpose military cargo plane with its STOL (short takeoff and landing) capacities is an advanced derivative of the Aeritalia G.222, fitted with technical features (propeller, engines, avionics) of the Hercules.

Something very special about the C-27J is the fact that it is capable of performing extreme manoeuvres like barrel rolls and even loops. Besides the Italian Air Force, which will showcase a C-27J in the flying display of AIRPOWER16, five other European air forces as well as the US Army and the US Air Force are using this plane. 

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Alenia
Produced since 2001
Wingspan 28.7 m
Length 22.7 m
Height 9.6 m
Max. take-off weight 31,800 kg
Max. speed 590 km/h
Service ceiling 9,144 m
Power plant 2 Rolls Royce AE 2100d2 turboprops
Power 2x 4,700 HP
Crew/passengers 3 + 40 parachutists
Display Flying