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The Airbus A400M Atlas is a military transport aircraft capable of air refuelling. It is equipped with four turboprop engines and a rear ramp for loading and can transport big bulky cargo or 116 soldier.

Plans for the development of the A400M date back to the early 1980s. It finally took off to its maiden flight in 2009. The aircraft was jointly developed by Belgium, Germany, France, the UK, Luxemburg, Spain and Turkey, which were also its first customers.

Austria’s biggest airshow yet is something that also the A400M doesn’t want to miss – which is why it flys by on Friday to surprise aviation fans at AIRPOWER16. 



© Kesh Kaushal
© Kesh Kaushal
© Kevin McGill
© Kevin McGill

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Airbus Defence and Space
Length 45,1 m
Wingspan 42,4 m
Height 14,7 m
Max. take-off weight 141.000 kg
Empty weight 76.500 kg
Max. Nutzlast 37.000 kg
Service ceiling 12.200 m / 40.026 ft
Max. speed 882 km/h / 476 kn
Power plant 4 × EPI TP400-D6-Turboprop
Power 4 × 11.000 PS
Crew 2-3 pilots, 1 load master
Display Flying