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The Sukhoi Su-29 is a Russian-built, two-seat aerobatic aircraft with tandem cockpit. Based on the Sukhoi Su-26MX, it made its maiden flight on August 9, 1991. Equipped with a 9-cylinder radial engine, this aircraft is capable of take-off and landing in a field, if necessary. As well as civil pilots – especially in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa and Germany – the Russian and Argentine Air Forces also use this lightweight aircraft (empty weight: 760 kg).

The Su-29 appearing at AIRPOWER16 has been part of the Flying Bulls' collection since April 2011 and after 12 years in service underwent a Lifetime Extension at the start of 2013. This is a special procedure prescribed by the regulations of the aeronautical authorities where every component is meticulously inspected and a special test is carried out on the wings and tail assembly in order to be allowed to further operate the plane.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Sukhoi Advanced Technologies
Wingspan 8.2 m
Length 7.2 m
Height 2.8 m
Empty weight 814 kg
Max. take-off weight 1,220 kg
Crew 1-2
Max. horizontal speed 325 km/h
Max. vertical speed 440 km/h
Max. range 1,400 km
Power plant Wedenejew M-14 P
Power 360 PS
Load factor +12 / -10 g
Display Static