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Grob G 115

The Grob G 115 is a two-seat propeller plane of German design and made its maiden flight in 1985. It is predominantly used for pilot and aerobatic training.

The high-quality fibre composites from which the G 115 is built not only keep the empty weight very low at just 729 kg, they also ensure a high surface quality: the aircraft is capable of withstanding +6/-3 g loads, making it fully aerobatically capable.

AIRPOWER16 will feature a GROB 115D belonging to the Kondor amateur pilot group, who are based at Hinterstoisser Air Base, as part of the Static Display.

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Grob Aircraft AG
Registration number OEAAY
Version Grob 115D
Length 7.6 m
Wingspan 10 m
Height 2.82 m
Max. takeoff weight 990 kg
Empty weight 729 kg
Max. speed 248 km/h / 134 kn
Powerplant Avco Lycoming AEIO-360 BIF
Power 180 hp
Crew / passengers 1 / 1
Display Static