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The Do 228 is a twin-engine turboprop plane which was developed by German aircraft company Dornier and built in Bavaria from 1981 to 1998. Since 1986 it has also been produced under licence in India. And in 2009, RUAG Aviation restarted production in Germany with a modernised version. The Do 228's strengths are its good STOL characteristics and its versatility: it can be used for the transport of passengers and freight as well as for research and surveillance missions.

The aircraft you can see at the AIRPOWER16 is also used for surveillance. The Do 228 LM of the German Navy's Naval Air Wing 3 – „Graf Zeppelin“ – in Nordholz is fitted with special equipment like radar, infrared and ultraviolet sensors, microwave radiometers and fluorescence lasers in order to detect environmental pollution on the sea.

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Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Dornier
Version Dornier Do 228-212 LM
Length 16.56 m
Height 4.86 m
Wingspan 16.97 m
Maximum takeoff weight 6600 kg
Maximum speed 433 km/h
Powerplant 2x Garrett TPE 331
Power 2x 776 SHP
Crew 3-5
Display Static