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The Diamond DART 450 is a two-seat turboprop manufactured by Austrian company Diamond Aircraft based in Wiener Neustadt. According to chief designer Clemens Knappert, there was only one year between the first drafts and the maiden flight in May 2016. But that's not the only highlight: the Diamond DART 450 is the first aircraft in the world to be built entirely from carbon fibre. Compared with conventional aircraft materials (metal, wood), carbon fibre boasts a better surface quality and stiffness and yet is very lightweight. The DART 450 is capable of withstanding +7/-4 g loads and has a top speed of 460 km/h. In future it will be used as an aerobatic civilian and military trainer.

Diamond Aircraft will be showing a DART 450 in formation flight with a DA42-VI, a DA40NG, a DA42MPP and a DA62 as part of Friday's AIRPOWER16 display programme.


© Diamond Aircraft / Photograph: Florian Pfaffstaller
© Diamond Aircraft

Facts & Figures

Manufacturer Diamond Aircraft
Registration number OE-VDA
Length 9.75 m / 34 ft
Wingspan 11.79 m / 28 ft 8 in
Height 3.43 m / 11 ft 3 in
Max. takeoff weight 2,300 kg / 5,071 lbs
Empty weight 1,430 kg / 3,156 lbs
Max. payload 870 kg / 1,918 lbs
Service ceiling 7,010 m / 23,000 ft
Max. speed 426 km/h / 230 KTAS
Powerplant Ivchenko Progress / Motor Sich AI-450 S
Power 495 hp
Crew 2
Display Flying